Risk Assessment of Breast Cancer using Statistical Image Processing

Mammography with statistical image processing (MSIP):
Our research at the department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (MEB), Karolinska Institute, is concerned with the analysis of digital mammography images. The general aim of this project is to investigate in detail the relationship between some patterns present in the breast and cancer risk and prognosis in a populations-based study of breast cancer as well as in a mammography screening-based study of breast cancer. The work involves both methodological as well as applied collaborative projects with medical researchers.

More explicitly, I am working on extracting additional biomarkers, apart from mammographic density, from mammographic images which can boost risk prediction of breast cancer. I am also involved in the automation of the semi-automatic software Cumulus on the digitised analog screen films for area-based density measurement and also on the automation of volumetric mammography density on processed full field digital mammography (FFDM).

The software package that implements the below algorithms can be ordered now free of charge. Please fill and sign the following agreement letter and return it (scanned) to the email shown in the document.




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