The Steganoflage

.::. Awarded the best thesis prize (2009).::. | .::.Currently a Senior Lecturer in Sweden.::. | .::.25K Award.::. | .::.My research in Umea.::.


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My name is Abbas Cheddad, I did my PhD at the School of Computing and Intelligent Systems, Faculty of Computing and Engineering at the University of Ulster, UK. I joined the ISRC center, where   I conducted my research on the interesting area of Steganography.

My PhD work brings about the topic of digital image Steganography, which is the science of concealing data within data in an imperceptible way. I worked on the development of a program called "SteganoFlage" (i.e., strrep(strcat('Steganography','Camouflage'),'graphyCamou','') ) in an attempt to introduce a new improved algorithm.

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