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I obtained my Phd in digital image processing (Nov 2009) from the Intelligent Systems Research Centre within the Faculty of Computing and Engineering at the University of Ulster, United Kingdom. From January 2010 until December 2011, I was a Postdoctoral Researcher working in Prof. Ulf Ahlgren’s research group. The research poured into an EU FP7 consortium named VIBRANT (In Vivo Imaging of Beta-cell Receptors by Applied Nano Technology). My research was directed to enhancement of quantitative, qualitative and spatial assessment of the OPT (optical projection tomography) data of normal and diabetic pancreas. It involved creating new efficient algorithms and tools for the OPT scanner such as an automatic precise pre-scan alignment, reconstruction post-alignment tuning, fluorescence and other artefacts suppression (e.g., ring artefacts removal, removal of noise-induced reconstruction streak artefacts, etc), multi-exposure fusion, and spatial enhancement of projection data.

News From January 2012 until Oct 2015 I joined Karolinska Institute in Stockholm for a new position.
Currently I am working as an Associate Prof/Senior Lecturer and a group leader at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering,Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden.


The below algorithms generally contribute to increase acquisition speed and quality of pancreatic OPT data. The contributions will be exploited in the context of the OPTiSPIM instrument, developed by partner 7 (CGR) and their spin-off company (BIOPTONICS). See: VIBRANT: PROJECT FINAL REPORT pp 58-59 and TEMPLATE B1 (p.53).

  • Andreas Hörnblad, Abbas Cheddad and Ulf Ahlgren, “An improved protocol for optical projection tomography imaging reveals lobular heterogeneities in pancreatic islet and ß-cell mass distribution”, Islets, 3(4)(2011) 1-5..
  • Abbas Cheddad, Christoffer Svensson, James Sharpe, Fredrik Georgsson and Ulf Ahlgren,(2012),“Image Processing Assisted Algorithms for Optical Projection Tomography”, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, Volume: 31 Issue:1, pp:1-15.
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  • Anna Eriksson, Christoffer Svensson, Andreas Hornblad, Abbas Cheddad, Elena kostromina,Maria Eriksson, Nils Norlin, Antonello Pileggi, James Sharpe, Fredrik Georgsson, Tomas Alanentalo and Ulf Ahlgren. "Near Infrared Optical Projection Tomography for Assessments of B-cell Mass Distribution in Diabetes Research." J. Vis. Exp. (71), e50238, doi:10.3791/50238 (2013). Get it here.
  • Abbas Cheddad, Christoffer Nord, Andreas Hörnblad, Renata Prunskaite-Hyyryläinen, Maria Eriksson, Fredrik Georgsson, Seppo J. Vainio, and Ulf Ahlgren, “Improving signal detection in emission optical projection tomography via single source multi-exposure image fusion,” Optics Express 2013. 21(14)16584-16604.Get it here.

Older Publications (mainly on the topic of Steganography)
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Dr. Abbas Cheddad
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
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